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Buyer's Agent Services for Inner Melbourne

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Vendor Advisory

Secret Agent provides vendor advisory services to inner Melbourne property sales. By acting exclusively on your behalf as the vendor, we can help maximise the outcome of your auction – at no extra cost. 

How we assist vendors

  • Make the sale objective, not emotional
  • Receive advice from someone who’s worked for the other side
  • Analyse the value of each bid


 A vendor’s advocate will be your independent sounding board, fully detached from the buyer and in the best position to make objective decisions on your behalf. We’ll advise you throughout the process and hold selling agents accountable.


Not only will you receive recommendations on how to sell, you’ll also get advice on when to sell. Timing is key and we’ll make sure you make all the right decisions.


Just because an offer doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking – it might be the market speaking. Leave it to us to analyse present and future value to truly determine if an offer is worth accepting.

What is my house worth?

Find out what your house is worth based on Secret Agent's pricing index for houses and townhouses.

Today, your house is approximately...

This figure applies to houses not renovated since the initial purchase. Please note that this is only an estimation and should not be taken as valuation advice.

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Our Role

As your independent advisor, our role is to maximise the outcome of your sale.

  • Insider advice
    Draw on years of buying experience to recommend the best decisions to make as a vendor.
  • Highest value
    Analyse current market trends to develop a pricing strategy and help the market understand your property's highest value.
  • Sale strategy
    Market your property in its best light, such as a bundle with adjoining lots or as a site with development potential.
  • Personalised marketing
    Tailor each marketing campaign to your property's unique qualities.
  • The right agent
    Match the most suitable real estate agent to your property, to achieve the penetration and result you need.
  • Independent sounding board
    Act as a third party to hold the selling agent accountable and de-risk conflict of interest.
  • Analyse bids
    Analyse bids against market conditions to identify true value offered
  • Identify genuine interest
    Distinguish between legitimate offers and tyre-kickers.
  • Support throughout
    Ensure mistakes are avoided and assist with property handover through to settlement.

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